About the owner

Roxanne has been involved in dog sports since 1996.  In 1998 she opened a dog training facility in Burnaby, BC with her mentor and partner.  Paws Ahead K-9 Sports Centre offered classes in all levels of agility, flyball, and obedience and Roxanne competed in all these sports with her then flat-coated retriever Magic and her miniature dachshund Ginger.   Roxanne and her husband also started an agility club that put on AAC agility trials.

Roxanne competed in AAC, (Agility Association of Canada) CKC, (Canadian Kennel Club), NADAC (North American Dog Agility Club), and the Flyball Club of America.


Magic was the first flat-coat in Canada to obtain the AAC Agility Trial Champion of Canada title.    Roxanne and her then and now flat-coats have competed and placed on the podium at both Regional and National events.  Her dachshund also competed at Nationals and placed 4th in her division.

In 2001 she bought out her partner and along with running 2 agility classes a night, 5 nights a week, she also ran a doggy daycare.  She started an agility club, Paws Ahead Agility Club.

After moving to the Cariboo in 2008, she continued to coach teams in agility and created the Cariboo Agility Team, who puts on an annual AAC Agility Trial in 100 Mile House.   Roxanne is also an AAC agility judge.  Has titled her dogs in agility, hunt, rally, obedience, and has put conformation championships on all her flat-coats. 

She started Radford K-9 Sports Centre and teaches agility, rally obedience, obedience and puppy classes using only positive training methods. 

She has taken many agility/clicker seminars over the years including a recent 2019 Obedience seminar with Susan Brearsley, an agility jumping seminar with Kim Collins, Seminars and on-line classes with Susan Garrett, 2017 & 2018 working agility seminars with  Jessica Martin, agility camps with Kim Collins and working seminars with Kay Whitehead, Stewart Mah to name just a few of the many.  

Roxanne and her Flat-Coat Cynder placed 5th.

Laverne Aug 26, 2016

I trained under and trialed with Roxanne and I found her to be a awesome trainer. She knows agility and has the ability to adapt the training to match each dog and handler. the dogs all love her.